Bts reaction to you spoiling them

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Hey! Can you do a reaction for bts when their child (4-7 years old) said a bad word. Thanks ~~~~~ RAP MONSTER He'll probably be like… "Where did you learn that word?" "Did you listen to my music?" Originally posted by kths JIN He's going to be so shocked that would punish the child and tries to figure it out where did the kid learn that word so he can avoid any contact at the ...

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Bts gif reaction to finding out you were sexually assaulted. Trigger warning, please don't read if you think your very sensitive, i just want to bring more awareness to it. ... you couldn't blame them, the medical bill for your treatment was so large, it was practically ridiculous, so you understood, but when you were in one of your states ...But imagine you'd have that kind of relationship with BTS in this reaction~ To vary it a bit, I didn't always make you younger than BTS but you'll see~ Lots and lots of love to ARMY and BTS, please enjoy BTS Festa well!

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BTS reaction: You accidentally giving him a boner. JIN. Jin eyes widened as you leaned over him to get remote for the tv, he could see under your top, and your hand traced over his cotch. Jin eyes were as open as ever and he licked his lips, as his eyes traveled to your backside. You pulled back and saw his little friend popping up.Since Jungkook is a little bit younger than the other membes, he would be more caught up on current games and animes. He’d ask you about all kinds older animes and see if you’d watched them yet. He’d encourage your bad habits of staying up late because “You can’t finish that episode without me!!! Wait for me to get home! Don’t spoil ...

Anonymous: BTS/EXO reaction to when their girlfriend pranks them saying that she's pregnant, pretty please with a cherry on top? Ha, yes~ Here's the BTS reaction~ Sehun: "You think you and your pranks are just hilarious, don't you?"