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Modern muzzleloaders have increased in accuracy and velocity incrementally, but so have To compare, I'll use a 300 grain muzzleloading projectile at 2000 fps, using a static BC of .200, a quite...


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A muzzleloader essentially is a strong metal tube with one closed end. Fail to secure that end, and Newton's Third Law of Motion, "Every action has an opposite and equal reaction," takes over.BWB · Song · 2013. Open App. One Way. Brothers Without Brains. Song. 4 min 9 sec. More by BWB. BWB. Human Nature (feat. Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum, Norman Brown)

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The team has once again compiled a new list of top muzzleloaders for 2020! We have compared muzzleloaders from every major manufacturer and intend to provide an unbiased list...Length of pull: 14". Weight: 6.65 lbs. Combo includes the Optima® V2 209 muzzleloader, a KonusPro 3-9x40 scope mounted with a DuraSight DEAD-ON one-piece scope mount system, and a CVA Soft Gun case. QRBP (Quick Release Breech Plug) for easy no-tools access to the breech. Trigger-guard actuated breech lever. Best of the West's Long Range Store is your one stop shop for long range hunting and shooting gear. In addition to Huskemaw Optics, we carry tons of Cleaning, Reloading, and other hardcore hunting gear.

May 31, 2018 · Items like a ball puller, cleaning jag, ect. should be in every muzzleloader shooter’s kit. You also need separate powder, bullet, and priming to contend with. But all are laughably inexpensive ... BWB Muzzleloader Manager Tim Bolduc shares the details of how to properly decock the Woodman Arms Instead of listing all the features of the Woodman Arms Muzzleloader, the most reliable...