Caroline tells klaus she misses him fanfiction

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She's free and never has to see him again - but she misses him, so she answers. [A series of canon-compliant post-5x11 drabbles wherein Caroline tells Klaus all about the craziness of her daily life and I inject some Klaroline into the rest of Season 5.]

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The Vampire Diaries ended in 2017, giving most of the main characters a happy ending, if not the ending they deserved. But the story of the Salvatore brothers destined to love the same woman not just once, but twice, remains a fan favorite. We can't get enough of the doomed love triangles, tragic deaths, witchy loopholes, good guys doing bad things and bad guys doing good things.Search: Caroline Saves Klaus From Marcel Fanfiction. If you are look for Caroline Saves Klaus From Marcel Fanfiction, simply look out our links below :

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Summary: Caroline is grieving the loss of Stefan. She goes to stay in New Orleans with Klaus. They reconnect and fall in love.

Caroline tells him that they don't know exactly where they are, but they know they are heading somewhere just outside of New Orleans. As a result of this, he is now reborn as a buffalo. Caroline convinces Klaus In Pictures of You , she interrupted Klaus' fireside brooding to inform him of the "real crisis" that was Elena's prom dress theft.Answer (1 of 6): Yes! Since they both take the cure and become human, they are able to have children. While this isn't shown at the end of TVD (they show them living out a happy life, with her as a doctor, and after many years presumably both dying and seeing their families in the afterlife). How...