Drupal 8 get view field value programmatically

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When the highest revision id does not have the revision_default value set to True, Drupal will add a "Latest Version" tab next to View and Edit that allows you to view the latest revision rather than the current default/published version. This behavior holds true even at the database layer.

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Dear Experts, Is there anyone to let me know how I can render fields value in themename_preprocess_views_view_list template programmatically!?

To start you off, it looks like Views::getView() replaces views_get_view(). I have found that I've sometimes needed to do some digging to find the Drupal 8 versions. Even though I've only ever done Drupal 8, a lot of tutorials online are for Drupal 7, so I have had to learn to translate them.How to load, add or update Paragraph fields values from the Config pages object programmatically? This article provides a real life code examples on using Paragraphs module with the Config Pages module for Drupal 8 developers.