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Jul 29, 2021 · Build A Model Solar System Orrery by Eaglemoss. Includes model kit parts, 52 issues of magazine with 3 storage folders, 2 DVD special magazines and selection of tools. As the UK's number one heart charity, the cutting edge research we fund has already made a big difference to people's lives.

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A Tellurium Orbiter is a model of the sun and earth orbit. Each issue of Build a Model Earth, Moon & Sun Orbiter comes with the components you need to build a modern version of a classical tellurion – an accurate working model of the Earth, Moon and Sun system, designed to predict solar and lunar eclipses and demonstrate the rotation and orbits of Earth and the Moon. I saw this in the newsagents this arvo and it got my attention. Issue #1 is $4.95. Too bad the rest of the issues are $14.95 each and when you read there are 52 issues to buy, it works out to just under $800. :scared:

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Orrery is a mechanical representation of the Solar system. Usually, the Sun is in the middle with planets in different sizes circling around it. The purpose of an orrery is to show how planets move, their axis, and their correlation with their moons and other planets. ... Check out Eaglemoss solar system section and their amazing orrery kits ...

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