How long do grass carp live in a pond

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2 grass carp 10# flathead minnows The fish are growing wonderfully and have nests made etc. but, we were told by a family member to get the catfish out of there. That they eat everything. He said that they are a menace and will devour everything. That they will just eat anything and everything in our pond.

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Koi need ponds that are at least 1000 gallons in size, with some areas of the pond being 3-4 foot deep. You need this depth to help them overwinter, as the water in the deeper parts will be warmer. The reason that the pond needs to be so big is that koi are social fish and each one needs about 200-300 gallons of space to stay happy.

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Q: What type of vegetation will grass carp (White Amur) eat, and how many do I need? A: Grass carp like certain types of vegetation better than others. But they will eat anything that is green rather than starve. We recommend 12 per acre as a starting point.Carp are amazing fish - and very prolific breeders. In the UK, the carp season is closed between May and June. Typically, this is the period in which carp spawn; however that is not always the case. You see, carp must have water temperatures between 18 and 24° C (just about 73 degrees Fahrenheit) - and those temperatures do not always coincide ...

I do have two questions: 1) Would grass-eating carp help with the algae and coexist w/the cats? And 2) Once in a while in the spring, we have a few small fish that I cannot identify from Web photos. They're a nondescript light grayish tan with a pale peach fin (can't remember which fin it is, but the peach color is key), about 4 to 5 inches ...Jan 28, 2014 · An application for grass carp can be downloaded from our website. This permit is good for ponds less than five acres. We like to explain to clients that the fisheries biologist uses the information that you provide to “prescribe” the proper number of grass carp to control the weed infestation in your particular pond.