How to delete apps on iphone 8

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Now that I have a shiny new iPhone, I've gone a bit wild adding applications from the iTunes Application Store. So many applications that it's out of control. Now I want to delete some, but each time I delete them on the iPhone then hook the phone up to the computer, they reappear! :-(

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It will not remove your apps and data but will remove the hidden spy software. This works because the monitoring programs are specific to the OS on the phone or mobile device - change the OS and the spyware is removed and will not work. It is not as complete a solution as the factory reset but in most cases will still remove the offending ...

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Download and launch the Groups app in your iPhone. Grant the app access to your Contacts. Select All Contacts from the Groups list. Choose the contacts to be deleted by tapping the circle to the left of their name. Tap Choose Action and select Delete contacts. Tap on Remove from my iPhone to confirm your deletions.Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Step 2.Tap " General "> " iPhone Storage ". Step 3. Select the app you want to delete, and you will see the version of the application, its documentation and data, etc. You can choose to "Offload App" or "Delete App". Here please tap " Delete App ". Step 4.

Guide on Windows 10 Backup Delete Old Backups. Step 1: Go to the Start button, click Settings, and choose Update & security. Step 2: On the Backup page, click the Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7) link. Step 3: Click the Manage space option in the Backup section. Step 4: Then the Manage Windows Backup disk space window will pop up where two ...To delete an app, touch and hold the app, then tap Remove App > Delete App > Delete. Head to the App Store to download and reinstall the app. Related: How to Remove Apps From Your iPhone. 5. Back Up and Reset Your iPhone. The easiest way to remove excess data is to completely wipe your device and start afresh. It's faster than trying to ...