How to make a chart in excel with two columns of data

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1. Select the chart. 2. On the Design tab, in the Data group, click Switch Row/Column. Result: Legend Position. To move the legend to the right side of the chart, execute the following steps. 1. Select the chart. 2. Click the + button on the right side of the chart, click the arrow next to Legend and click Right. Result: Data Labels

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Re: Create simple x-y chart based on 2 columns of data. Hi copperberry, Using 2010 Excel. Click on the chart and look at the top of the window and click on "Chart Tools". Just under that is a tab called Design. Click on it. Now look under the Data Group and click on the Icon named "Switch Rows/Colum". I think this is what you want.The most fitting charts are Pie, Stacked Bar, Mekko, Stacked Column chart, Area, and Waterfall charts. We prefer the heat map also. Analyzing Trends: To analyze the result of a data set in a given period, use the following charts: Line, Dual-Axis Line, and Column charts. If you want to create a quick forecast in Excel, check this example.

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To do that, follow the steps below: Step-1: Right-click on the column chart whose row and column you want to change. Step-2: Click on 'Select Data' from the drop-down menu: Step-3: Click on the 'Switch/Row Column' button: Step-4: Click on the 'OK' button. The column chart will now look like the one below:

How to create a chart in Excel from multiple sheets - Create a chart with recommended charts . Telling a story with charts in Excel 2013 | Microsoft 365 Blog . Follow the steps mention below to learn to create a pie chart in Excel. From your dashboard sheet, select the range of data for which you want to create a pie chart. We will create a pie chart based on the number of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered, and active cases in India in this example. Select the data range. Then, click on the Insert Tab.Types of Graphs in Excel | How to create graphs in Excel?. MS Excel 2016: How to Create a Line Chart. Charts and Graphs in Excel. Excel Charts ...