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Gain Reduction Deluxe is a vocal compressor plugin by producer Joey Sturgis. This plugin is intended for vocalists, musicians, engineers, mixers, and all audio production people alike! This compressor will instantly give you mix-ready sounding vocals with little to no effort, just insert the plugin on your track and you're ready to go.O pacote do produtor II Joey Sturgis Tones é um pacote de quatro efeitos diferentes, que são novamente descontados no pacote. Redução de Ganho Deluxe, Clip JST, Sub Destruidor, Pixelator, SideWidener, Transify, Toneforge Menace, VST , Plugin, DAW

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Save $155.00. Producer Bundle II. Regular price $324.00 Sale price $169.00. "Close (esc)" Get a notification when price drops below $89.00 USD.Visit the Producer Bundle II page! The page is located here. A combo box with various options should appear. Select the option "Upgrade". It's really that easy! If you're having any issues, be sure to email our support team at [email protected]! Thanks!Composition : Joey Sturgis Tones - TONEFORGE Ben Bruce 1.1.1 Joey Sturgis Tones - Ultimate Producer's Bundle Joey Sturgis Tones - BG Drums Special Edition v1.0.1 Joey Sturgis Tones - Bus.Glue.Bundle.v1.. Joey Sturgis Tones - Bus Glue - Joel Wanasek Bundle V1.0.0 Joey Sturgis Tones - SideWidener CM v1.0 Joey Sturgis Tones - Gain Reduction 1.0 ...

Soar Tape Delay by Joey Sturgis Tones Software (Download) $ 129.00 Add to cart; Sidewidener by Joey Sturgis Tones Software (Download) $ 49.00 Add to cart; Producer Bundle II by Joey Sturgis Tones Software (Download) $ 199.00 Add to cart; Producer Bundle by Joey Sturgis Tones Software (Download) $ 99.00 Add to cart; Pixelator by Joey Sturgis ...The Joey Sturgis Tones Producer Bundle contains four indispensable tools for the audio professional! The producers bundle is intended to spark creativity from dynamic control and saturation to sound design and audio manipulation. The Producer Bundle includes an amazing collection of JST plugins including Gain Reduction Deluxe, JST Clip ...