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Depending on the make and model of the truck and the number of leaves on a spring, a single leaf spring will generally cost anywhere from $69.99 to $149.99. Therefore, at the lower-priced end of the spectrum, a new pair of leaf springs could cost you roughly $139.98.

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equivalent to a 2 g impact load on the main wheel and strut. The following deflection formula will establish acceptable strut cross-section dimensions based upon calculations developed for the Berkut aircraft. Aluminum leaf spring strut nomenclature. D = strut deflection at the axle under 2 g impact load = ((W*l^3)/(3*E*i))*Sec( q)

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The rear leaf springs for all these years are the same length but they have different arches and different rates. Rate is how strong the spring is. For example, 85 pounds means it takes 85 pounds ...The leaf springs were tested on a full scale leaf spring testing machine under the unladen, rated, flat, rubber touching load, and metal to metal load and the corresponding deflection and stress values observed are shown in the Table 3. The experiments were conducted twice and the mean value of the results was considered.

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