Lion king mufasa and scar fanfiction

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TikTok users debate if Scar ate Mufasa in Disney's Lion King. Disney's The Lion King has gone viral on social media after fans of the 1994 musical began investigating a conspiracy theory about the ...

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If you watched The Lion King on repeat as a kid, you'll probably agree that Scar is one of the most downright wicked Disney Villains ever. And yet, we still find him wildly hilarious. He is probably one of the wittiest animals in all the Pride Lands. Read these Scar quotes and see if you agree.

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Welcome Lion King Fans! This is the community for the VERY BEST Lion King stories. The Community will take all types of stories, from a 5-years-old fairytale, to the teenage romance talk, to the most horrifying R scenes - therefore, the sky's the limit! Private Message LoveNeverDies8 for your stories to be added into the Community. Good luck!It was a golden furred cub, nudging desperately at a larger lion of the same coloring, crying something he couldn't hear. He realized in shock that the cub was Simba and the lion must have been his father, Mufasa. The former great king was dead. Kovu closed his eyes in sorrow and paid his respect, hoping Mufasa had a safe passage to the stars.

Simba tried to wake up his father. He even yelled for help. But he soon realized Mufasa was dead. Simba went under his father's paw and cried. Then, Scar came walking over. "Simba, what have you done." But Scar didn't wait for an answer. "Let's go home." Scar picked up Simba and went home to priderock. As Scar carried Simba home, Simba asked ...The story and life of Mufasa and Scar when they were once cubs of their father Ahadi. Young Mufasa is destined to be king one day, while Scar (who used to be named Taka) is overly jealous and angry at this decision and plans to overthrow Mufasa's place and make everyone lose faith in him so that Taka would be king instead.To tell the truth- my very favorite voice of Mufasa so far is James Earl Jones because he uses his cool voice in the Lion King, the Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable, the Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure and the Lion Guard: Return of the Roar while Gary Anthony Williams uses his morbid voice in the Lion Guard.