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Canon Comics Earth-1610. On Earth-1610 Tony and Natasha are both member of the Ultimates (the counterpart of the Avangers) She was originally part of the Ultimates' covert operations ("black ops") team, but with the emergence of the Chitauri threat was subsequently moved to public status after a publicly acceptable background was written for her. She has genetic or cybernetic enhancements ...Black Widow's real name is Natalia Alianovna Romanoff in the MCU. She has several aliases, including Natasha Romanoff (often shortened to "Nat"), Natalie Rushman and The Notary. A founding ...

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Tony's brow furrowed. "Well, that explains everything, I guess—except how you managed to have Romanoff's baby without me ever noticing you were pregnant." Rolling her eyes, Pepper shifted the baby's position in her arms so that Tony could see more of her weird little baby face and so the baby could glare at him. "Natasha had her three months ...

anon request: Hii, can you do a fic where Natasha keeps following Maria around but she wont say why? a/n: request are currently OPEN so feel free to send in any request you have warnings: none pairing: maria hill x natasha romanoff (blackhill) summary: nat is too shy to ask maria for attention/cuddles, so she just follows her around all day words: 644 | blackhill masterlist | navigation postBlack Widow star Scarlett Johansson is officially leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe.. The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Black Widow will be Johansson's last appearance in the MCU after appearing in nine movies. This was confirmed along with the announcement that Johansson filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Disney, alleging the company breached her contract when it ...Gifted spy Natasha Romanoff is more than worthy of her moniker, Black Widow. Ruthless, efficient, and exceptionally skilled, Natasha strikes fear into the hearts of her enemies. Although she once operated on the side of evil, her innate heroism allowed her to overcome her upbringing and defect, setting her on a lifelong path of redemption.