Oc reborn in marauders era fanfiction

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The Wizarding world is on the brink of war. The Dark Lord moves from the shadows while Cassie Alderfair and the Marauders are left to attend their sixth year at Hogwarts. But with the clockwork locket still in her possession and a mysterious power emerging from the past, Cassie is certain of one thing: Her war is just beginning. (Marauders' Era ...

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Here's another Old VS New for the Remus x OC fic. love the marauder xoxo. remus lupin remus hp hp marauders marauder marauders fic marauders era remus lupin x oc oc ofc david thewlis mooney wattpad fanfic fanfiction harry potter prisoner of azkaban sirius black hogwarts*HQ PLEASE ---- READ THE DESCRIPTION!* :DYay! This is my 200th video!! OMG! I can't believe it!! :DAnyway, this one centers around a collab fanfiction that I...

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Weekly OC Question If faced with a riddle, how would your current muse(s) cope? Would they be able to solve it, or would it all depend on the situation they found themselves in (for example, if it was to save someone, or just a riddle amongst friends).☽ remus lupin. it's time to go oc version. she's a brilliant witch. the perfect pure blood daughter from the house of black. his best friend's twin sister. the girl he's always loved. everything he wants but cannot have. and he's just remus. just… remus. her unwilling engagement and a party at grimmauld place is sure to be the least perfect situation for a heart to heart.Devotare ⁂ Marauders Era. Read Now Follow. No One Rated This Novel! Info; Summary; ... fanfiction fantasy goldstein harrypotter hogwarts jamespotter jkrowling lilyevans limits magic newt newtscamander peterpettigrew porpentina porpentinagoldstein postwar prewar quidditch scamander siriusblack voldemort weasley witch wizard wizardingworld.

Fighting Death Eaters, evading Aurors and Ministry attention was an old game and she'd only gotten better at it with age. Accidentally becoming the Lady Black and adopting a teenager hadn't really been part of the plan, but…. Harry's plans never worked out like she wanted anyway. Source: emptysurface.