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Part-Dragon Zhongli (Genshin Impact) Smut. Summary. Before the Traveller arrived in Liyue, before the Contract to end all Contracts was signed between the Cryo and the Geo Archon, Zhongli sought out the assistance of an outlander in his quest to carve a purpose for himself in the present era.

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Dear (Genshin Impact X Reader) Fanfiction ... Zhongli chuckled as he rubbed his son's back tenderly, recalling Zhongyu's outlandish story about meeting and talking with another child eerily similar to himself. While his son took his dark hair and scales, this 'Dima' sported white hair and scales similar to his wife: You. ...Zhongli x Reader. Originally posted by koutawoo /// Telescope - Part 1 . Summary: As Ningguang's younger sister, you have always been in her shadows, but when she tells you to befriend Zhongli to gather intel on him for the Qixing, you end up falling for him. However, your dreams of being in a relationship are crushed as Zhongli soon ...

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At first, he emanates a silent sort of neediness; lips ajar, eyes pleading, yet no sound coming from him. Naked and bound to your amusement, sweat gleams across his body, a sign of the exertion you've caused him. Fingers grasp his dick tightly and he lets out a small whimper, not quite used to the loss of control.Search for: Recent Posts. 17 Drip Painting How-to's - Craft 2021; 14 Ways to Make a Sliding Knot Bracelet - Jewelry 2021

characters — diluc , kaeya , xiao , zhongli , venti , childe a/n — uhhh I'm new to tumblr and I made this for shits and giggles, so, enjoy genshin impact diluc diluc x reader kaeya kaeya x reader xiao xiao x reader zhongli zhongli x reader venti venti x reader childe childe x reader tartaglia tartaglia x reader genshin smau genshin impact ...Can I request a jealous Bakugou x reader and have it be angst to fluff please? -🖤. a/n: thanks for the request baby, i hope you like it <3. Bakugou felt his blood boil in his veins when he saw you laughing with Deku. He tried to look elsewhere but he couldn't take his eyes off you.