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PowerTouch Remote Control Systems - 814 Series (2 - 4) Functions Manual NST10392-1 Rev 0 01.23.02 Rev A 04.14.03 Rev B 09.21.04 Compact Receiver is small and easy to install. Flexibility Installer can select polarity of voltage outputs on two different channels. Optional Transmitters Large, oval transmitters with large buttons can be ordered.

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enduro Manual Engage Caravan Mover. enduro (EM4446) enduro remote control caravan mover, engineered to be strong, reliable and intelligent using origina.. Product #: EM4446 Regular price: $649.00 $ 649.00.

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Powrtouch Remote Control Trailer Mover . Built by Powrwheel Ltd. Dimensions: 2180mm (L) With remote control; Item condition is `Used`, please refer to Sale Terms tab for definition. Location: 25B Youngs Road, St Andrews, Vic, 3761 . Inspection Dates: Strictly Tuesday 11th May between 2021 between 8.30am and 4.00pm.

The Powrtouch Evolution Manual also boasts the FM Electronics System which includes variable speed control. The control system allows the mover to be driven at 100% speed, 75%, 50% or 25% - perfect for even more precise manouevring. Also available: Evolution Twin and Evolution AWD (All Wheel Drive) Manual roller engagement with cross actuationThe ECB can only be reinitialised by the following: - 1) Turning off the isolation switch 2) Remove the key from the switch 3) Wait for a minimum of 20 seconds 4) Then reinsert the isolation switch key and turn on 5) Turn on the handset and use the Powrtouch Evolution.