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Plain arch Radial Loop Plain whorl Central pocket whorl Tented arch Ulnar loop Double loop whorl Accidentical Interesting Info Fingerprint Factoid: 60% of people have loops, 35% have whorls, and 5% have arches. Did you know? Dactyloscopy is the study of fingerprint identification.

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Radial loop. Loops occur in about 60-70 % of fingerprint patterns encountered. Radial loops are named after the radius, a bone in the forearm that joins the hand on the same side as the thumb. The flow of the pattern in radial loops runs in the direction of the radius (toward the thumb). Radial loops are not very common and most of the time ...

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Radial loops are pointed towards the radial bone or thumb. Ulnar loops are pointed towards the ulnar bone or pinky finger. Loops make up about 60% of all fingerprint patterns. Then there are whorls. Whorls are spiral or circular patterns. There are four types of whorls. Plain whorls are concentric circles. The central pocket loop is a whorl at ...Question 2.2.The distinction between Ulnar and Radial loops depends on which hand the loop is found on. (Points : 2) True. False. Question 3.3.Indistinct or illegible prints may result from ____________. (Points : 2) A failure to reproduce focal points (deltas and cores) Allowing fingers to slip or twist. Sweaty hands.

Radial loop fingerprints are characterized by a flow of the pattern that opens in the direction of the radius (or thumb side of the hand) featured with a triradius located at the ulna (pinky) side of the hand.Loop: A loop is a pattern in which the ridges of the print enter on one side, curve in the middle, and exit out the same side. The loop is the most common type of fingerprint pattern and can be sub classified as either an ulnar loop or a radial loop.An ulnar loop has the opening of the ridges pointing toward the little finger of the hand, which is closest to the ulna bone of the forearm.Fingerprint Identification. LawTech Custom Publishing, Inc. FINGERPRINT PATTERN INTERPRETATION In a Nutshell TYPES OF PATTERNS I. Arch (5%): a. Plain Arch b. Tented Arch II. Loop (60%): a. Radial Loop b. Ulnar Loop III. Whorl (35%): a. Plain Whorl b. Central Pocket Loop c. Double Loop d. Accidental Loop