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WooCommerce Popup Cart + Ajax is a WooCommerce interaction mini cart with many styles and effects. You can change the product quantity or remove product without reload the page.It instantly shows the item added to cart with View Cart & Checkout buttons allowing the customers to choose where to navigate.

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Menu Cart Pro is the most popular e-Commerce menu plugin with over 1 million downloads of the free version on is fully compatible with WooCommerce, Eshop, WP e-Commerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Jigoshop.. This enhanced version of the plugin takes it up a notch, giving you access to a variety of different cart icons, a super cool cart flyout and a variety of other awesome ...Two buttons are provided: Continue Shopping - Allows adding more item to the cart. Checkout - Allows checkout from the cart and preview the order. The user can update the quantity and delete the cart item. The updateCartItem () function initiate an Ajax request to update the quantity of the item using jQuery.

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Learn XML Learn XML AJAX Learn XML DOM Learn XML DTD Learn XML Schema Learn XSLT Learn XPath Learn XQuery. ... Remove a List Item. There are several methods to remove items from a list: Example. The remove() method removes the specified item: thislist = ["apple", "banana", "cherry"]WooCommerce - one and the best extensions for building an online store with which I have worked, but like other extensions it is not ideal. In my projects, I tried to make it better and add useful features to make it even more user-friendly. In this article, we'll talk about how to remove product in the shopping cart widget using AJAX.

Its working Fine.But i have searched a lot regarding ajax delete item from cart, But google returns me always with 3rd party extension. I can't find tutorial for delete product from cart. So i thought, to take a referrance from one of free 3rd party extension which have an both add to cart and delete from cart functionality.