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Mikan is an optimistic, cute, athletic and good-natured girl, but her clumsiness lands her into trouble. She is a cheerful and energetic person, much to the annoyance of her mellow-headed best friend, Hotaru, and used to live with her adoptive grandfather in the country before transferring to Alice Academy.

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Browse through and read regret lary anime/manga fanfiction stories and books. Browse through and read regret lary anime/manga fanfiction stories and books . ... Short Stories Gakuen Alice Vocaloid Kagamine Regret Message Mikan Sakura ... Based on the Song Regret Message by Rin Kagamine. ...Fanfic /. The Last Prayer. ''There are times where all it takes is the right voice to help you realize the greatness within to conquer the painful evil without. Uzumaki Naruto's voice of promise just so happens to be his own... from the future. Warning: Lemons, Moral Ambiguity, Gray Area Decisions, Slow Build, and Harem.

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He could hear his mind saying , "I tried to kill sakura ." Regret is flowing all over his body since his last fight with naruto.His gaze is fixed to the ground , the eyes which are afraid to look at the green orbs . He was so engaged in thinking about his regrets that he doesn't even hear what she is saying now.

The Author Regrets Everything; Author Is Sleep Deprived; ... But Sakura has always been a paper-ninja, so her first stop for inspiration is the library where she finds unexpected help in the form of one very bored tokujo who quickly goes on to become an integral part of her life. Soon, despite the neglect of her sensei and all odds seemingly ...narusaku naruto sakura sasusaku sasuke naruhina sasuhina sakuraharuno hinata narutouzumaki narutoxsakura haruno oneshot ino uzumaki romance narutoshippuden uchiha fanfiction sasukeuchiha 794 Stories Sort by: Hot