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Maihana Soumakyou: Uniting Barrage Action (舞華蒼魔鏡 Uniting Barrage Action, lit. "Flower Dance of Magic Blue Mirror") is a Horizontal Danmaku Shooting Game, developed and published by souvenir circ. Originally released for PC on August 11, 2012, at Comiket 82. An enhanced version was released for PlayStation 4, as part of Play, Doujin!, on January 25, 2018 in Japan published by Unties.

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ANOTHER EDEN ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 3 COMPLETE EDITION Another Eden ... Sky Fortress Eeza (8bit Arrange) 03:11: 15: Gail Carrigo - Roulette of Destiny (8bit Arrange)

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Skyblock Islands (+10.000 Downloads!) [Survival/Skyblock] I have built a new minecraft map. Everyone, who play Skyblock, will like this, too. It has the same principle like Skyblock, but there is more to discover: there are more islands, more resources, you can travel to all three dimensions and the islands arent so chunky.

The Night of Three Destinies. During their search for the truth behind the two Tombs of the Gods, Aldo and the others are trapped in a dungeon cell under the Wicked Meadow. After managing to escape the cell and releasing the spirits' souls trapped in the dungeon, the group rushes to the future to stop a KMS attack on the Chrono Clan.The center of each division of the town was occupied by a fortress. In the one stood the palace of the kings, surrounded by a wall of great strength and size: in the other was the sacred precinct of Jupiter [Zeus] Belus, a square enclosure two furlongs [402 m/1319 feet] each way, with gates of solid brass; which was also remaining in my time.