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Recently, another USPS driver, Evan Jones, was widely praised on social media after he posted a TikTok video showing a "Karen" banging on his window while he ate lunch. The video claimed the woman ...The USPS Employee Labor Manual (ELM), which is a Postal publication that covers ALL employees is the only place that the language, "employees MAY NOT BE REQUIRED to work more than 6 continuous hours without a 30 minute lunch break" exists.

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The 59-year-old grandmother, a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, had worked 13 days in a row without a lunch break, and now she was delivering on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to keep ...

It is to only be used during designated breaks and lunch time. My employees get an hour for lunch, which they get paid for, and most of the time they just continue to work, so I may have to implement that policy where they HAVE to take an hour for lunch. And that time, along with their break time would be the time to use their phones.