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alexfalex. 5 points · 9 months ago. In order to run multiple uvicorn processes you need a process manager. That’s where gunicorn comes in. For a production setup you ll probably need at some point scalling and resilience of your uvicorn process. Here comes the gunicorn part helping you fulfill multiple requests, socket setup and so on.

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Uvicorn Github » Deploying. I set up both the FastAPI. Until recently Python has lacked a minimal low-level server/application interface for asyncio frameworks. 0', port=8000, reload=False, debug=False, workers=25) Here in our run. 6 (Don't override the root logger) or 0. py: import uvicorn from fastapi import Fa.Run the above example code with gunicorn -b -w 4 -k uvicorn.workers.UvicornWorker example:app or uvicorn --host --port 8080 --workers 4 --log-level debug example:app. Expected behavior. QPS 8000 or more is expected. Actual behavior. Requests hang there when using keep-alive Http connections. Debugging materialBenchmarks¶. Independent TechEmpower benchmarks show FastAPI applications running under Uvicorn as one of the fastest Python frameworks available, only below Starlette and Uvicorn themselves (used internally by FastAPI).. But when checking benchmarks and comparisons you should have the following in mind. Benchmarks and speed¶

Gunicorn is a pre-fork worker model ported from Ruby's Unicorn project. The Gunicorn server is broadly compatible with various web frameworks, simply implemented, light on server resources, and fairly speedy. Uvicorn and Gunicorn belong to "Web Servers" category of the tech stack. Uvicorn and Gunicorn are both open source tools.To launch a web server other than gunicorn, use a python -m command instead of invoking the server directly. For example, the following command starts the uvicorn server, assuming that the WSGI callable is named app and is found in application.py: python -m uvicorn application:app --host