Voronoi diagram generator


5. I have some artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC that I want to use to create a voronoi diagram from. You can see what a voronoi diagram looks like here: Link. I would like to use the points on my paths to seed the diagram. I have found a tool that uses an old Illustrator extension called Scriptographer, unfortunately Scriptographer stopped being ...

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Changing tack, I had to find a Voronoi diagram generation library, and after evaluating several different implementations and libraries, I eventually settled on PouletFrit's C# port of as3delaunay. Initial Voronoi Diagram. An initial Voronoi diagram is generated to form the fine-grained "grid" of the overall map.

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2D Voronoi diagram (demo for windows) Download. Mouse interaction: - left click: insert new generator - right click & drag: move generator - two buttons: display triangle circumcircles (to highlight empty circumcircle property when Delaunay edges are displayed)The Voronoi diagram of n sites has the following structure: If all n sites lie on a line, then the Voronoi cell boundaries are parallel lines, so the \graph" is disconnected Otherwise, the Voronoi cell boundaries form a connected \graph" Computational Geometry Lecture 10: Voronoi diagrams.

Voronoi Map Generator. This is a Unity implementation of a game board generator, inspired by strategy games like Civilization. Uses jceipek's Unity-delaunay project for Voronoi diagrams and SteveJohnstone's map generator for mapping them onto a mesh.