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GMC DUKW 353. The GMC DUKW 353, or the Duck was a 6x6 amphibious vehicle developed by GMC from their 6x6 truck, in association with the New York City yachting firm Sparkman and Stephens, and used by the United States during World War II.

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Military Acronyms. ASAP - As Soon As Possible. ATGW - Army Tank Guided Weapon. Att - Attached. AWOL - Absent Without Leave. AWACS - Airborne Warning And Control Systems. BAOR - British Army of the Rhine. Battle Bowlers - What the QAs of World War Two nicknamed their tin hats. Bde - Brigade.Irina Spalko was born on May 26, 1921 in Kazan. She was raised in a small mountain village in the eastern regions of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. When her apparent psychic powers began to manifest themselves, the superstitious villagers shunned her, called her a witch, and worse. Her family was ostracized.

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Attraction Highlights. T-Express: If there's one reason to visit Everland, it's the T-Express, South Korea's first wooden roller coaster that's frequently ranked as one of the best in the entire ...The DUKW could haul troops or cargo over most terrain. Here, one is being loaded with cans of fuel. (Photo by U.S. Army) But when it came time to storm Sicily, the DUKW was ready, and proved to be very valuable. MilitaryFactory.com notes that the DUKW had a top speed of 50 miles per hour, could go 398 miles on a tank of gas, and had a crew of ...GMC DUKW 353. USA 1944 - 1/72. If there is a problem, we can work together to resolve it. We try to be. We provide. huge EXPERIENCE. Many sold models. LOW PRICES.

The beginning:- Up to 1940 the fleet of ships belonging to the War Office, managed by the R.A.S.C., comprised of many types of vehicles. Coasters, steam target towing vessels, but very few small ...