Wildfire smoke health effects

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The cloak of wildfire smoke that has descended across huge swaths of Northern California is a visible reminder of air pollution's health threats. For people at high risk for severe COVID-19 ...

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Wildfire smoke contains particulate matter that may have adverse effects upon the human respiratory system. Evidence of the health effects of wildfire smoke should be relayed to the public so that exposure may be limited. Evidence of health effects can also be used to influence policy to promote positive health outcomes.The far-reaching effects of wildfires and wildfire smoke are no longer aberrations, researchers write in a new paper. Record-setting wildfires torched huge swaths of western states in 2020.

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Previous research indicated that wildfire smoke can be highly toxic and harmful to lung health, but the large-scale public health effects had not been adequately studied. "In light of what we have seen in terms of toxicological studies and other research, perhaps it's not surprising that wildfire smoke may be more harmful, but it was still ...1 day ago · Wildfires and your health: air pollution. The largest known impact of wildfires on our health is due to smoke pollution. Wildfire smoke can damage your lungs and particularly impacts those with asthma or other respiratory conditions, the disabled community, children, and the elderly. Common effects of wildfire air pollution include irritated ...

Wildland fire smoke is a mixture of gases and particles such as carbon monoxide (CO) and respirable particulate matter (PM) that may cause short- and long-term health effects. Wildland ...In the US, fire and health officials began issuing warnings about wildfire smoke several weeks earlier than normal this year. With almost the entire western half of the country experiencing drought, signs pointed to a long and dangerous fire season.. In recent weeks, smoke has turned the sky hazy across a large swath of the US as dozens of large fires burn, and a lot of people are wondering ...Health problems related to wildfire smoke exposure can be as mild as eye and respiratory tract irritation and as serious as worsening of heart and lung disease, including asthma, and even premature death. While smoke from wildfires is a threat to health, there are many unknowns about the health effects of smoke from wildfires.