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Wimo 2344 1296MHz Yagi: VERY Impressed! Last year for the April UKAC 23cm contest I used a 23 element F9FT. AS the 10W section restricts one to a single Antenna I decided to look at higher gain alternatives, preferably more robust and sunlight stable.

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WiMo manufactures a range of beam antennas in-house, for example the ZX-Yagi monoband antennas with excellent price/performance ratio, the versatile EAntenna Beams or the Ultrabeam antennas with motorized adjustable element lengths. Additionally, WiMo offers various well-known brand beams such as Cushcraft, Mosley, etc.- 2 - • Dipole mit Anschlußkästen nach hinten montieren. Der Dipolkasten ist auf der den Elementen ent-gegengesetzten Seite zu befestigen. • Bei der Montage der Mastschelle ist darauf zu achten, daß der Boomrohrverbinder (Teil 15) mit dem

The SHF-2344 Yagi The SHF-2344 Yagi with its 3m length and 20 dBi gain is perfectly suited to be operated individually or as a group. The bandwidth of the antenna covers the entire 23cm band without loss, even in rain it does not detune. The dipole (N-socHow to use 70 cm WiMo phasing harness for a COTS crossed yagi antenna? Ask Question Asked 2 years, 9 months ago. Active 2 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 546 times 2 $\begingroup$ In order to generate circular polarization in a crossed-yagi, a 90° phase delay is required between the horizontal and the vertical antenna. In practice, this is ...WiMo Yagi; WiMo-Yagis design by DK7ZB - uncompromising electrical and mechanical technology. Our yagi antennas are "Made in Germany" at our own production facilities. Your benefits: • available from stock • No spare parts worries • Support directly from the manufacturer